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Please see details for dual flanges slewing ring bearing flanged swing Bearing 
KDL.U. 0571 .00.10

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1. Why choose CHINAMFG slewing bearings
Who we are?
We (HangZhou CHINAMFG special heavy-duty and large bearing manufacturing CO., LTD) are a professional
bearing manufacturer in the world, established in 2000, specializing in slewing bearings, slewing drives
and special bearings, with design, production, sales, marketing and service from OD200mm to 8000mm.
For 18 years experiences, our bearings have flied to more than 50 countries.

Our technical team:
We have 60 employees, with 6 experienced engineers and professional technicists.
All our bearings are designed by CAD-programs, made according to customers’ special demands.
Our technical team can also verify safety & reliability depending on the load case and the strength of raceway
as well as gear and bolt connections.

Equipped with advanced manufacturing equipments and test instruments, all bearings are of uniform marking
and packing with superior quality, reasonable prices and perfect services.

We have been certificated by ISO9001:2008, and we are also aligned to international quality standards
from application consulting and engineering to productions, examinations, documentations and dispatch.
We will prepare additional test reports if customers need.

2. Structure of CHINAMFG slewing bearings
Main Types:
Single row ball slewing ring bearings
Double row ball slewing ring bearings
Crossed roller slewing ring bearing
Three row cylindrical roller slewing bearings
BALL & ROLLER combined slewing bearings
Flanged slewing ring bearing
Gear Type:
Slewing bearings with external gear
Slewing bearings with internal gear
Slew bearings without gear
Flange type:
Slewing bearings with external flange and internal gear
Slew rings with internal flange and external gear
Slew bearings with external and internal flange

3. About CHINAMFG bearings Advantages:
3.1 introduction:we are a manufacturer of slewing bearing since 1993, our factory occupies a area of 30000square CHINAMFG with 4 workshop and 1 office building. 
3.2 Featured products: slewing bearing and slewing drive
3.3 Capital: Current is 1 million RMB, but we are increasing the capital to 10 million RMB
3.4 Workers: 60
3.5 Certificate: ISO9001:2008, 3.1 certificate, CCS certificate
All CHINAMFG slew rings can betested by the 3rd party inspection organization if customer requires, such as BV, CCS, SGS, LR, ABS and so on. All swing bearings inspection reports will be supplied to customers, including raw material certificate, heat treatment certificate, UT&PT and so on.
3.6 Annual Exportation: 8 million USD
3.7 Warranty Period: All CHINAMFG slewing ring bearings have a warranty period of 18 months, for some special working condition, warranty period can be lengthened to 3-4 years.
3.8 Production Time: All CHINAMFG slewing ring bearings can be usually delivered timely, usual production time is 15-50 days based on different slew bearings diameters, sometimes slew rings will be in stock.
3.9 Technical Control
All CHINAMFG slewing ring bearings are forged rings with material steel 50Mn or 42CrMo, slewing rings are machined by CNC lathe, slew bearings raceway are quenched via medium-frequency hardening with hardness 55-60HRC, turntable bearings are drilled holes by CNC drilling machine, slew gears are machined by hobbing machine with gear quenched if required, swing bearings then are grinded by grinding machine with higher precision.

4. CHINAMFG Slewing Bearing Packing 
4.1 Basic Packing
Bearing surface is covered with the anti-rust oil first; and then wrapped with the plastic film;
And then packed with kraft paper and professional belts;
At last, with wooden box totally at the outer packing to invoid the rust or the moist;
We can depend on the customers  demand to be packed;

4.2 CHINAMFG slewing ring bearings can be packed by different ways.
If bearing diameter is less than 2300mm, slewing rings will be usually packed by square plywood case.
If bearing diameter is more than 2300mm, slewing rings can be packed by square plywood case, round plywood case, or steel tripod. Every package way can be totally kept goods safely.

5. CHINAMFG Slewing Bearing Transportation:
Slewing bearings can be offered different delivery terms, such as EXW, FOB, CIF, DDU and so on.
Also, slewing rings can be transported by different transport ways, by express (such as DHL, TNT, UPS, FEDEX and so on), by air, by sea, by truck, by railway and so on.

KDL flanged turntable bearing light series
KDL.U-no gear KDL.I-internal gear KDL.A-external gear
KDL.U.571.00.10 KDL.I.571.00.10 KDL.A.571.00.10
KDL.U.0544.00.10 KDL.I.0544.00.10 KDL.A.0544.00.10
KDL.U.0644.00.10 KDL.I.0644.00.10 KDL.A.0644.00.10
KDL.U. 0571 .00.10 KDL.I. 0571 .00.10 KDL.A. 0571 .00.10
KDL.U.0844.00.10 KDL.I.0844.00.10 KDL.A.0844.00.10
KDL.U.0944.00.10 KDL.I.0944.00.10 KDL.A.0944.00.10
KDL.U.1094.00.10 KDL.I.1094.00.10 KDL.A.1094.00.10

KDLH flanged turntable bearings light series high
KDLH.U-no gear KDLH.I-internal gear KDLH.A-external gear
KDLH.U. 0571 .00.10 KDLH.I. 0571 .00.10 KDLH.A. 0571 .00.10
KDLH.U.1055.00.10 KDLH.I.1055.00.10 KDLH.A.1055.00.10
KDLH.U.1155.00.10 KDLH.I.1155.00.10 KDLH.A.1155.00.10
KDLH.U.1255.00.10 KDLH.I.1255.00.10 KDLH.A.1255.00.10
KDLH.U.1355.00.10 KDLH.I.1355.00.10 KDLH.A.1355.00.10
KDLH.U.1455.00.10 KDLH.I.1455.00.10 KDLH.A.1455.00.10

KDM ball turntable bearings medium series
KDM.U-no gear KDM.I-internal gear KDM.A-external gear
KDM.U.571.00.10 KDM.I.571.00.10 KDM.A.571.00.10
KDM.U.0544.00.10 KDM.I.0544.00.10 KDM.A.0544.00.10
KDM.U.0644.00.10 KDM.I.0644.00.10 KDM.A.0644.00.10
KDM.U. 0571 .00.10 KDM.I. 0571 .00.10 KDM.A. 0571 .00.10
KDM.U.0844.00.10 KDM.I.0844.00.10 KDM.A.0844.00.10
KDM.U.0944.00.10 KDM.I.0944.00.10 KDM.A.0944.00.10
KDM.U.1094.00.10 KDM.I.1094.00.10 KDM.A.1094.00.10

KDMH ball turntable bearings medium series high
KDMH.U-no gear KDMH.I-internal gear KDMH.A-external gear
KDMH.U.571.00.10 KDMH.I.571.00.10 KDMH.A.571.00.10
KDMH.U.571.00.10 KDMH.I.571.00.10 KDMH.A.571.00.10
KDMH.U. 0571 .00.10 KDMH.I. 0571 .00.10 KDMH.A. 0571 .00.10
KDMH.U.1055.00.10 KDMH.I.1055.00.10 KDMH.A.1055.00.10
KDMH.U.1155.00.10 KDMH.I.1155.00.10 KDMH.A.1155.00.10
KDMH.U.1255.00.10 KDMH.I.1255.00.10 KDMH.A.1255.00.10
KDMH.U.1355.00.10 KDMH.I.1355.00.10 KDMH.A.1355.00.10
KDMH.U.1455.00.10 KDMH.I.1455.00.10 KDMH.A.1455.00.10

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Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Feature: Cold-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant, Heat-Resistant
Sealing Gland: Sealed On Both Sides
Rolling-Element Number: Single-Row
Roller Type: Deep Groove Raceway
Material: 50mn or 42CrMo
US$ 150/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




How does the choice of materials impact the performance of slewing rings in different environments?

The choice of materials significantly impacts the performance of slewing rings in different environments. The selection of appropriate materials ensures the desired strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and overall reliability of the slewing rings. Here’s a detailed explanation of how the choice of materials impacts the performance of slewing rings in different environments:

  • Corrosion Resistance: Different environments may expose slewing rings to corrosive elements such as moisture, chemicals, or saltwater. Choosing materials with high corrosion resistance, such as stainless steel or corrosion-resistant alloys, helps protect the slewing rings from chemical reactions and rust formation. Corrosion-resistant materials ensure the longevity and reliability of slewing rings, especially in marine, offshore, or chemical industry applications.
  • Temperature Resistance: Environmental conditions, such as extreme temperatures or thermal cycling, can affect the performance of slewing rings. Materials that exhibit excellent temperature resistance, such as heat-treated steels or specialized alloys, are crucial in applications where slewing rings are exposed to high or low temperatures. These materials maintain their mechanical properties and dimensional stability, ensuring reliable performance even in demanding temperature environments.
  • Wear and Fatigue Resistance: In applications with high loads, repetitive movements, or abrasive environments, slewing rings may experience wear and fatigue. Choosing materials with high wear resistance, such as hardened steels or materials with specialized coatings, minimizes surface damage and extends the service life of the slewing rings. These materials can withstand the repetitive stresses and abrasive conditions, reducing the risk of premature failure.
  • Weight Considerations: In certain applications, weight is a critical factor. Slewing rings that are used in lightweight or mobile equipment may require materials that offer a balance between strength and weight. Lightweight materials like aluminum or high-strength composites can be suitable choices to reduce the overall weight of the slewing rings and improve the efficiency and maneuverability of the equipment.
  • Load Capacity: The choice of materials affects the load-carrying capacity of slewing rings. Materials with high tensile strength and fatigue resistance, such as specialized steels or alloys, enhance the load-bearing capabilities of the slewing rings. The selection of materials with appropriate mechanical properties ensures that the slewing rings can handle the required loads without deformation or failure.
  • Compatibility with Lubricants: Lubrication is essential for smooth operation and reduced friction in slewing rings. The choice of materials should consider their compatibility with the lubricants used in the specific environment. Certain materials may be more compatible with certain types of lubricants, ensuring optimal lubrication and minimizing wear and friction.
  • Electrical Conductivity: In applications where electrical conductivity is required, such as in certain industrial or robotic systems, materials with appropriate electrical conductivity properties may be necessary. Copper or specific alloys can be chosen to provide the desired electrical conductivity while maintaining the mechanical integrity of the slewing rings.

By selecting the appropriate materials based on the environmental conditions and specific application requirements, the performance and reliability of slewing rings can be optimized. Manufacturers and engineers consider factors such as corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, wear resistance, weight considerations, load capacity, lubricant compatibility, and electrical conductivity to determine the most suitable materials for slewing rings in different environments.

What advantages do slewing rings offer compared to other rotational components?

Slewing rings offer several advantages compared to other rotational components. Their unique design and features make them a preferred choice in various applications. Here’s a detailed explanation of the advantages that slewing rings offer:

  • Compact Design: Slewing rings have a compact design that allows for efficient use of space. Compared to other rotational components such as gears and bearings, slewing rings provide a compact solution for supporting axial, radial, and moment loads while enabling rotational motion. Their compactness is especially advantageous in applications with limited space or weight constraints.
  • High Load-Carrying Capacity: Slewing rings are designed to handle significant loads. They are capable of supporting both axial and radial loads, as well as moment loads that result from uneven weight distribution or external forces. The robust construction and precise engineering of slewing rings enable them to withstand heavy loads, making them suitable for applications that require high load-carrying capacity.
  • Smooth Rotation: Slewing rings offer smooth rotation, allowing for precise and controlled motion. The rolling elements, whether balls or rollers, are positioned and guided within the raceways of the slewing ring to minimize friction and ensure smooth movement. This smooth rotation contributes to precise positioning and controlled motion, which is essential in applications that require accurate positioning and smooth operation.
  • Integrated Gear Mechanism: Many slewing rings come with an integrated gear mechanism. This eliminates the need for additional gearing components, simplifies the design, and reduces assembly time and costs. The integrated gear mechanism allows for torque transmission and rotational control, enabling precise and controlled motion without the need for external gearing systems.
  • Backlash Control: Slewing rings can be designed with minimal backlash, ensuring precise motion control. Backlash refers to the play or clearance between mating gears or components, which can lead to lost motion or inaccuracies in positioning. By minimizing backlash, slewing rings offer improved accuracy and repeatability in motion control applications.
  • Versatility and Customization: Slewing rings are highly versatile and can be customized to meet specific application requirements. They can be tailored in terms of dimensions, load capacity, mounting interfaces, gear specifications, sealing systems, and materials. This versatility allows slewing rings to be optimized for various industries and applications, ensuring the best performance and compatibility.
  • Durable and Low Maintenance: Slewing rings are designed to be durable and require minimal maintenance. They are constructed with high-quality materials, precision manufacturing, and appropriate sealing systems to withstand harsh operating conditions and contaminants. This durability and low maintenance requirement contribute to the long service life and reliability of slewing rings.

Overall, slewing rings offer advantages such as compact design, high load-carrying capacity, smooth rotation, integrated gear mechanism, backlash control, versatility, customization options, and durability. These advantages make slewing rings a preferred choice in various applications, including construction machinery, material handling equipment, cranes, wind turbines, robotics, and manufacturing systems.

Can you provide insights into the importance of proper installation and alignment of slewing rings?

Proper installation and alignment of slewing rings are of utmost importance for ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and safety of rotating systems. Here’s a detailed explanation of the importance of proper installation and alignment of slewing rings:

  • Load Distribution: Correct installation and alignment of slewing rings ensure proper load distribution across the rolling elements and raceways. When a slewing ring is improperly installed or misaligned, excessive loads may be concentrated on specific areas, leading to accelerated wear, premature failure, and reduced load-bearing capacity. Proper alignment helps distribute loads evenly, maximizing the life expectancy of the slewing ring.
  • Smooth Operation: Accurate installation and alignment contribute to the smooth operation of rotating systems. Misalignment can result in increased friction, uneven motion, vibrations, and noise. These issues not only reduce efficiency but also impact the overall performance and reliability of the system. Proper alignment minimizes friction and ensures smooth and precise rotational movement, enhancing the system’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear: Improper installation or misalignment can cause excessive wear and tear on the slewing ring and associated components. Misalignment can lead to increased rolling element and raceway stresses, resulting in accelerated fatigue and surface damage. By achieving proper alignment, the slewing ring operates within its designed parameters, reducing wear and extending its operational life.
  • Optimized Performance: Proper installation and alignment directly impact the performance of rotating systems. Accurate alignment ensures that components such as gears, motors, and drive systems mesh correctly with the slewing ring. This alignment facilitates efficient power transmission, reduces energy losses, and improves the overall performance and responsiveness of the system.
  • Prevention of Structural Damage: Misalignment of slewing rings can exert excessive forces on the supporting structure or adjacent components. Over time, these forces can cause structural damage, misalignment in other parts of the system, or even equipment failure. Proper installation and alignment help prevent such structural damage, ensuring the integrity and longevity of the entire system.
  • Safety Considerations: Correct installation and alignment of slewing rings are crucial for safety in rotating systems. Misalignment can lead to unexpected movements, uncontrolled motion, or component failure, posing a risk to personnel, equipment, and the surrounding environment. Proper alignment reduces the likelihood of accidents, improves operational safety, and ensures compliance with safety regulations.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Properly aligned slewing rings are easier to maintain and service. Routine maintenance tasks such as lubrication, inspection, and replacement of components can be performed more efficiently when the slewing ring is correctly installed and aligned. This reduces downtime, extends maintenance intervals, and improves the overall operational efficiency of the system.

In summary, proper installation and alignment of slewing rings are critical for achieving optimal performance, reliability, and safety in rotating systems. Accurate alignment ensures load distribution, smooth operation, reduced wear, optimized performance, prevention of structural damage, enhanced safety, and ease of maintenance. It is essential to follow manufacturer guidelines, industry standards, and best practices to ensure the correct installation and alignment of slewing rings, maximizing their operational lifespan and the efficiency of the entire system.

China supplier Dual Flange Swing Bearing (KDL. U. 0644.00.10 KDL. U. 0744.00.10) Ball Turntable Bearing Flanged Slewing Ring  China supplier Dual Flange Swing Bearing (KDL. U. 0644.00.10 KDL. U. 0744.00.10) Ball Turntable Bearing Flanged Slewing Ring
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